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Weighing in at a highly transportable 20kg check out this radical and awesome new design for a modern wood fired pizza.
I’m so impressed with the way RoccBox has designed this no compromise product.
I’ve been thinking about how to nail lightness and portability, but these guys have blown me away with the innovation.
The wood burning module is genius and having a gas back option is a great idea.
At 399 quid, it seems very well priced. Sadly they don’t yet deliver to AU, but I’ve ordered one in the UK and hope to pick this up in person when I’m there in March.

More soon!

admin on October 5th, 2013


I moved house about 2 years ago and sadly version one of the oven didn’t turn out to be quite as portable as I’d hoped.

But that’s another story.

The remains of the wooden frame sat outside in the elements for a couple of years until finally the resurrection of the oven reached the top of the priority list.

I simply couldn’t go another summer without me oven. So here it is.

You can see the new timber of the frame and this time I opted for a fire-brick door and did a thick ceramic blanket layer between the heat-face and the vermiculite-concrete outer render.

The result?

I’m stoked. The oven has way more thermal mass being 20 or 30% bigger than the last one so takes about an hour and 30 minutes to get up to temp. But it cooks brilliantly!

admin on September 20th, 2011

Yes, I can now say with absolute confidence that:

1. Resting dough overnight improves it. It’s easier to handle and stretch, it cooks better (more even, less burns). That’s why it seems that just about any Pizzaola with his salt preps dough the night before.

2. Semolina flour added at about 7% of the flour weight adds a delightful chewiness to the dough.

Dough well people.

admin on May 20th, 2010

screen-shot-2010-05-20-at-60736-pmSuper article from New York Times via @gredge .
Also be sure to check out the additional photos.
Mind racing, so many possibilities opened up by this fantastic piece of intelligence.
As I’ve said before, the perfect home made pizza requires a perfect-storm-esque alignment of variables…of Titanic proportions. Sorry, carried away by the metaphor. I must say that I tend to use my dough straight away - which in reality means it works for about an hour. Could this be a new clue, jealously guarded by generations of Pizzaola? I’ll be certain to test this over the weekend and report back. @gredge can you do the same?

Another experiment? Look out for Robin da Hood at

admin on March 28th, 2010

Nice piece this, featuring the Veraci portable pizza trailer I’ve discussed before. Owner Marshall Jett explains what’s going on inside the oven - confirming my 3 types of heat theory.

And the pizzas? Looking totally awesome guys - I wonder what they cost?


So the Sydney morning Herald have spoken… I like.

Might invite the journo around for a homer, sometime soon.
Pizza’s from the portable oven may not be QUITE as good, but let me tell you… it’s damn close!

admin on January 17th, 2010

Sorry, another not quite so relevant post, but hey, being a techie media guy in my day job I couldn’t resist this clever use of the much loved pizza to drive interest in, why yes of course how obvious? Nano-motor technology. Note the pizza toss technique. Most impressive. At the moment, I still use a rolling pin, at least to get the damn thing started anyway.

admin on October 12th, 2009

Not strictly your portable wood-fired oven this one, but it’s a winner in so many other ways!

Love your work guys. Check out the article on this amazing contraption here.



I noticed that there’s a new episode of Better Homes and Gardens (Ep 32) which features Jason doing the business again - this time with an even easier approach. Looks like a kitset - retailing at AU$900. The whole approach looked pretty no-fuss and quick, but then with other materials: Hebel and adhesive etc etc I bet you’re talking $1,200+ Will keep and eye open on whether more details appear. The original show was definitely inspiration for my oven

Trying a butterfly lamb roast in the oven tonight.

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(Revised post on 21/12/11, 06/10/13, 11/10/13)

Just like the perfect storm, perfect home-made pizza requires just the right set of variables to align. I haven’t got there yet - but one day I will… maybe the answer’s simple: a trip to Italy is needed.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with a list and plan to keep refining this over the next few years until such time as it’s perfect!
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