OK, so we ended up last weekend with an ugly looking part brick, part clay oven… yes definitely on the way to an oven. I went around the brickwork filling gaps with Hebel adhesive. I lit a small fire and watched the steam rising off the still damp clay. The flue extension went in nicely and took a lot of the smoke up and away. Initially I had thought this was way too long, but I think it’s going to be perfect.

This week’s part of the process began with some crack filling - yes a few more appeared in the drying.
I found Vermiculite from a Hydroponic supplier, see the pic above. It’s a super light substance and when mixed 6:1:1 with clay and cement forms a sloppy (and quite difficult to work) mix. The Vermiculite mix covered everything with an thick and even layer of insulation - aiming for around another 50mm thick. At this point the final shape of the oven emerged…I’m really quite happy with it.

The last stage will be a final coat on the oven exterior but for now we’re ready for a trial - leave it overnight and let’s fire it up!

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