Fully fired the oven this weekend, producing some awesome pizza. Also managed to blacken the bases of a few too! The oven seems to need a bit of calming down once the fire is moved back. Using trays is a good way of backing off the contact heat from brick for a while. It’s the opposite problem to cooking in an oven where you end up overcooking the topping in order to get a crispy base. Here the base can literally cook in 30 seconds leaving the topping undercooked.

Also had a wonderfully constructed Thai Chicken number ready to take out, when a big clod of clay detached itself from the oven roof and dropped in unannounced, rendering the pizza into a sizzling mess. This was part of the clay I used to patch up the roof around the flue. Going to need to rethink the flue I think. Also need to fill up some additional cracks that appeared through the Vermiculite layer.

Recipes to follow.


2 Responses to “Full firing complete”

  1. Don Block says:

    You have a wonderful site. Well written, informative, and extremely entertaining. Love to see more videos. I’ll check back often to see your progress on the pizza oven.

  2. admin says:

    Why thanks for the feedback. Thinking about some more video ideas… Also thinking about some added features to ‘pimp the oven’. An iPod dock perhaps? ;-)

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