A wet blustery day in Sydney today - kids soccer and rugby cancelled this morning which meant I had some time to get the clay pavers onto the Portable Pizza Oven base.

About 38 clay pavers in total, cut them using a hired wet saw. Cemented them to the Hebel layer using fireproof cement, a hideously expensive item at 25 bucks a pot - I used two, but really not convinced it’s needed - I wonder if mortar might have done the trick. Decided on a protrudingĀ  lip at the oven door end.

Next step is to rough out the actual oven shape. This is proving to be a conundrum. By necessity the design is narrower than I would have liked, which is why I made it a wee bit longer. Of course this is going to make for a bunker-like oven (I wanted to be able to get 2 pizzas in at once too).

Time for a bit more research…

2 Responses to “Part 5 - Face the heat”

  1. Andy Sowden says:

    Hi There

    I am just researching to build my own pizza oven. Origional inspiration was Better homes and gardens where I came across their plans and video clip.

    Just looking at what pavers to get so was wondering how the ones you got are going but ost importantly the size of them. Can find that info anywhere.

    I am going to start to build the base next weekend so am interested in getting all of the materials.

    thanks for any help


  2. admin says:

    Hello Andy, apologies I fell off the radar - how’d you go with your oven? Can you share a pic and story?

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