Now that the stand is mobilised and complete, time to get ready for the ‘heat face’. I’m using a layer of Hebel brick - and onto this will go a low cost clay paver. For those who don’t know Hebel, its an extremely light and fire resistant building material. The roughly 900mm x 1200mm stand needed seven bricks.

Hebel can be cut super easily with any kind of saw and requires a special cement too. I made a bit of a pigs ear of this (made the cement a bit too watery), however a second skim this weekend sorted that out. I’ve decided to leave the Hebel exposed on the sides (budget is getting tight) and I’ll treat this in someway perhaps with the final pigment I’ll use on the oven exterior.

I spent a couple of hours this weekend shopping for the the next set of materials - clay pavers, builders sand, fire cement, even a double skinned gas flu (not sure if I’ll use this yet). But couldn’t find clay. Working on this.

2 Responses to “Part 4 - The base comes together”

  1. rich says:

    Looks great simon. cant wait to taste the pizzas!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Rich - we’ll be having a cook up soon I hope! Any thoughts on the design appreciated its…well evolving all the time.

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