Getting Mobile

OK, concept sorted, but how to make it mobile?

When finished the thing will weigh 200+ KG – not something that a simple BBQ stand will work for. Plus, when you think that the oven must be capable of being pushed over grass, up the side of a house with steep incline, onto a trailer and off at the other end… then you realise that you have a challenge!

At one point I seriously looked at building a trailer like one of these (image credit)…


But expense is an issue – a trailer would cost at least AU$6,000 – and wouldn’t fit behind my house anyway.

Sizewise I’ve settled on 900mm max wide and so made a bit more in the length to 1200mm.

The budget: I really don’t want to spend more that AU$600 all up (and this is proving to be a big challenge).

I’ve settled on a treated pine timber frame both for cost reasons and because I’m not a great metalworker. What wheels? When it came down to it large pneumatic castors seemed the most appropriate, and I ummed and aahhed on this for a while tossing up between axle-based wheels and castors.

Eventually a couple of calls to Castors and Industrial and I decided on a 45cm diameter pneumatic castor.

See right hand castor

See right hand castor

Two fixed and two swivel - they worked out at about AU$80 each delivered - a painful blow…until they arrived. I’m reminded of the landing gear of a Lancaster Bomber.. and I’m convinced they’ll be the making of the oven.

Next… the frame.

2 Responses to “Part 2 - The plan for mobility”

  1. Max says:

    Love your idea and go-for-it attitude!

    I too have wanted a portable stove that I can take with me should I move from my house. My hold-back from buying a small “portable” model from a mfg like forno bravo (primavera model) has been the thermal mass - just does’t seem thick enough to retain the heat or has a wide opening which prevents it from getting hot enough for a napoletana pizza. But therein lies the rub - getting sufficient thermal mass while still trying to acheive a portable oven. Please continue the project so I can learn from you:)


    Portland, Oregon, US

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Max, I’m close to being able to try the first pizza - so we’ll soon get a sense of how well the thing will cook! I’ll be sure to post this coming weekend. The forno bravo model looks great, but I’m hoping mine will cost much less than half this. It may not look as flash, but I’m hoping it will do the business!

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