lizardThis is my lizard mate, he’s a beauty - about 12cm long - shot him on one on my Pizza Oven Hebel Bricks… Hope he keeps those nasty Aussie spiders at bay. My 4 year old, got quite a shock on the cold day I took this shot, having told him not to touch. Of course when my back was turned he went for a good poke only to get the shock of his life when sluggish lizard sped off! Anyone know what sort he is?

2 Responses to “Meet a new friend.”

  1. Sydney Newbie says:

    That is a Lounge Lizard, which generally lives within sight of a lava lamp and comes out at night to have a boogie, busting moves to songs like “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” and “Come Fly With Me”. The unique tail makes it harder for predators to know which end to attack, especially if Loungey walks backwards. This particular reptile also swings both ways when on the prowl, making it easier to pick up mates in the glow of the lava lamp. If one was to jump on a pizza in your portable oven, just leave the pizza in for 30 seconds longer to ensure it is cooked right through. It tastes like chicken.

  2. Countryfied says:

    Australia has the native diamond back lizard, this guy howver is a tourist from Indonesia. Unfortunately they kill the aussie version and these ones breed like bunnies.

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